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Kinkeliba Leaves

Kinkeliba Leaves

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Usually reddish, green or brown, Kinkeliba is a West African shrug found in Senegal, Benin and Gambia. A staple of African holistic practices, its powerful leaves are known to treat a wide range of ailments and illnesses from fatigue and headaches to hepatitis. Due to their diuretic and disinfectant properties, Kinkeliba leaves are a must-have when dealing with digestive system and unary tract dysfunction. Additionally, they are widely employed for their unique ability to stimulate bile secretion and prevent the formation of gallstones.


100% Kinkeliba leaves.

Product from Ivory Coast.


Kinkeliba leaves can be enjoyed as a tea by washing and then boiling the leaves in water for approximately 20 minutes. For more potency, increase the amount of leaves and let them brew for longer in the water (at least 30 minutes).

Note that people suffering from hepatocellular deficiencies with obstruction of the biliary section or serious renal insufficiencies should abstain from using Kinkeliba and its derivatives.